That one host... (OHSHC)

That one host... (OHSHC)

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Wynter Miyoshi is a friend of Haruhi, childhood friends  actually and when he gets accepted to Ouran and meets the hosts and the other hosts learn he's bisexual and another secret, and more.

He's rich yes but, he lives next door to Haruhi...just because he can. When he goes to school he decides to help Haruhi as much as he can with the time he has left.......

(Okay this is yaoi, and I will have some deep lemon, judge all ya want, anyway it'll be very sad at the end yet, who knows plot twists are everywhere hehe, so this was a warning to ALL so if u continue then so be it! Also if u don't know what lemon is its very graphic sex and all that yuminess! I'm not the greatest writer but I hope ya all like this book! I also don't own shiz of the anime only wynter, kay? Okay well let's go!)

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MiaouWoo MiaouWoo Sep 13, 2017
What's with the generic tragic pasts/ dead parents and loner tendencies (no offense '7') ; A ; fluffy MC + fluffy family is nice too! ~
Famous_Forehead Famous_Forehead Jul 10, 2017
Lol, I bet you love being with a friend with benefits under the sheets at night- *gets smacked by Tamaki*
The_Gossiper The_Gossiper Nov 26, 2017
Dang, Haruhi is 5'1" so your like 4'5" or something!! Awww adorable!!!!
wolfy56460 wolfy56460 Nov 23, 2017
Wow you have a blue and a red eye I have a blue and a half blue and green one
YoshiPrincess YoshiPrincess Dec 26, 2017
lol, I'm meh if I like someone, I like someone regardless their gender as long they love me for me, won't change me and I love them for them and not change them I honestly don't really care
Currygirl2 Currygirl2 Jan 03
This dying thing..... I feel like it plays a big role but I'mma ignore it cause I'm already attached now