Yandere!Undertale! Sans x Reader x Yandere!Underfell! Sans

Yandere!Undertale! Sans x Reader x Yandere!Underfell! Sans

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☻ᴛᴡᴏ-ƒᴀᴄᴇᴅ ɢɪʀʟ☺ By NicYandere Updated Sep 10

♥Special Thanks to : @TheSeeker31 and @Raishy_senpai for some ideas in the story♥

◘Created : February 12 , 2016◘

You are a small child whose living with your Mother and your Father. Your parents would always fight and you couldn't take it anymore. One day , you snuck out of your house and went for a walk around the legendary Mt.Ebott. The legend says that when a person climbs the mountain , they never return. Ignoring the legend , you keep taking a walk around the mysterious mountain. Finding a giant hole in the middle of the mountain made you trip and fell down inside the hole. Things became weird when you fell down. Two obsessive skeletons are after you...What will you do? Will you stay? Or will you leave?

I do not own Undertale , all credits go to Toby Fox and some of the people who helped him create Undertale.The story is based on a game titled Undertale but in a Yandere form.I also do not own Underfell , all credits go to the respective owners.

I love the story, but to tell you the truth when you said "other skeleton" I literally thought of Papyrus. I love that you included other timelines and an alternate universe. XD
I'd be like yay a physco flower trying to kill me is dead thank you
Dude fell!! This is the original one go to your universe bro then find her
I...... ( sees tall teenage  inktale necko version of me laughing silently at me and I squish her with a small gold dynamo roller making a normal squid ghost with cat ears float from the splotch of squid girl blue ink) I WOVE DA ART!!!!! THE READER LOOK FAB- FLEABING-TASTIC!!!!
                              Faith: *jumps down the hole* WHERE?!
My 1st fave CHARActer died 😂😂😂
                              ......why am I so happy? XD