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0_larryxdestiel_0 By 0_larryxdestiel_0 Updated Nov 22, 2016

Louis Tomlinson
17 year old
Likes girly cloths like leggings and cute jumpers.
His favorite color is Lilac.
  Louis is very interesting when you get to know him.
Louis is very innocent
He loves to wear flower crowns
Harry Styles
18 years old
Loves tattoos and has a lip Piercing.
Harry enjoys dark colors such as black and dark red. He also enjoys sex. His favorite color is red. Dark red.
Harry is claimed to be a man whore and will fuck anyone who will let him. 

When Louis mothers work gets transfered to Cheshire Holmes Chapel they move. But when his neighbor ends up being Harry. And they meet. Things happen. Good and bad.

In Germany I can buy about 3 things with 50€ 😑 seriously
ificouldharry ificouldharry Dec 05, 2016
Gee I can buy like two shirts and a pair of pants with that money
Honestly I don't care if the grammar bad or not as long as it cute that all I care about
19larry91 19larry91 Nov 16, 2016
The next part is that he would actually wear that!!! He'd look so cute!!!!
Tummytwink Tummytwink Nov 01, 2016
If my money would stretch like this  I would never have a problem with money again
19larry91 19larry91 Nov 16, 2016
Dayum, If £50 can buy you that much then I'm going to England!!