Can You Save Me From the Dark? //Jercy AU//

Can You Save Me From the Dark? //Jercy AU//

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//Jercy Highschool AU//

Percy has many secrets. He's been a loner at school all his life, and the bullying just gets worse and worse. His home life isn't much better. Gabe constantly abuses him, and his biological parents have either vanished without a trace or died years ago. Of course, he can't tell anyone that, can he? Gabe would kill him.

He turns to Thalia Grace, his only friend who knows about the abuse. She always offers comfort and a place to live after one of Gabe's drunken rages. But she doesn't know about the bullies at school, or how fat and worthless Percy views himself. She has no idea about the letter that is tucked away under his phone case, or the blade that accompanies it.

Jason is living at Thalia's house after his foster parents died. He sees Percy and gathers what was wrong. He and Percy slowly grow together, and he discovers Percy's secrets, one by one. Jason becomes the light in the darkness of Percy's world. 

But sometimes, even light cannot save you from drowning in darkness.

//there are triggers in this book//

//the characters used in this book belong to Rick Riordan//

(Side pairings of Frazel, Solangelo, Thaleyna, and Caleo; Piper is Jason's other sister who lives in France, Annabeth is Piper's best friend.)

Love it I thank you for updating and I hope you can update soon
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Did he just say he wants to kill himself? He said to get out of his sight, so he did.
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Fun fact: it takes more calories to digest an apple than the apple gives you :)
Don't you ever say that again!!! We love you just not as much as Percabeth
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