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Screwing Mr. Fischbach (Markiplier X Reader Smut)

Screwing Mr. Fischbach (Markiplier X Reader Smut)

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Peyton ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ By MarkimooandJackipoo Updated 3 days ago

Since he put me in detention I decided I would have some fun. I licked my lips and look at Mr. Fischbach with a smirk on my face. He could tell what I was doing but didn't like it at all... I didn't care though I wanted him and he knew it... I raised my hand "Mr. Fischbach!" 

"Can I go to the rest room!"

He looked over at me "yes Ms. Y/LN hurry back to finish your assignment ." I nodded my head and stood up. I started walking to the door shaking my ass trying to impress him. 

As I reached for the door handle I felt someone grab my waist. Mark turned me around so I was facing him he put his head down by my neck "a weak little girl like you shouldn't be teasing a man like me..." 

My chest started beating harder as I felt his lips start to trail up my neck...

dippy-is-bae dippy-is-bae 5 days ago
i just realized I've worn that outfit to school back at the beginning of the year
markimoo_ily markimoo_ily Nov 05, 2016
Lol since when is cussing a bad thing I think of it more as releasing ur anger through words not good words but words haha
Chuck_A_Cupcake Chuck_A_Cupcake Nov 05, 2016
OMG how u know! Lol my school starts at 6:50 an ends at 2:30 I'm not even in highschool!
Chuck_A_Cupcake Chuck_A_Cupcake Nov 05, 2016
Punish me daddy mark
                              Anti-why the fûck are you reading this?
                              I'm bored and it looked good
                              Anti-what ever, we have plans later 
                              Ok senpai kun
Chuck_A_Cupcake Chuck_A_Cupcake Nov 05, 2016
My teacher got one of those remotes and kept playing with it and was playing with te laser pointer when he was bored 😂 I was just laughing
Chuck_A_Cupcake Chuck_A_Cupcake Nov 05, 2016
Making my way down the hall, fück you wall.........DAN NA NA NANANANANA!