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Screwing Mr. Fischbach (Markiplier X Reader Smut)

Screwing Mr. Fischbach (Markiplier X Reader Smut)

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Peyton ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ By MarkimooandJackipoo Updated Sep 12, 2016

Since he put me in detention I decided I would have some fun. I licked my lips and look at Mr. Fischbach with a smirk on my face. He could tell what I was doing but didn't like it at all... I didn't care though I wanted him and he knew it... I raised my hand "Mr. Fischbach!" 

"Can I go to the rest room!"

He looked over at me "yes Ms. Y/LN hurry back to finish your assignment ." I nodded my head and stood up. I started walking to the door shaking my ass trying to impress him. 

As I reached for the door handle I felt someone grab my waist. Mark turned me around so I was facing him he put his head down by my neck "a weak little girl like you shouldn't be teasing a man like me..." 

My chest started beating harder as I felt his lips start to trail up my neck...

Chuck_A_Cupcake Chuck_A_Cupcake Nov 05, 2016
OMG how u know! Lol my school starts at 6:50 an ends at 2:30 I'm not even in highschool!
markimoo_ily markimoo_ily Nov 05, 2016
Sounds like my parents every time I try to wear make up but then they make me take it off
tiddy4065 tiddy4065 Feb 06
My school doesn't either you just have any holes in your jeans above the thigh
Chuck_A_Cupcake Chuck_A_Cupcake Nov 05, 2016
XD I said that to my camp counselor were good friends FÛCK 17 YEAR AGE GAP! Lol
markimoo_ily markimoo_ily Nov 05, 2016
Jack as a gym teacher plz... hes probably more along the lines of a math or english teacher
SweetWilloe SweetWilloe Nov 11, 2016
I would be white
                              Like really white
                              I mean a tiny bit of tan from my native American side
                              But mostly white XD