Bossing My Boss's Son

Bossing My Boss's Son

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After Zoe Tyler gets fired from her job, (because of a spoiled jerk) she decides to apply for a job. Working for the Mrs. Lancaster as her personal assistant she later finds out that the spoiled jerk is her boss's son (Levi Lancaster). Her boss forces her to not only care for her but to manage her son. Zoe has no choice but to try her best to get Levi under control, even though he wants to control her himself.
*  *  *
"Zoe wait,"he grabbed my hand. I looked at him. "Please, just listen to me. I tried to hate you. I tried not to believe that I love you.. but....You've changed that. I love you."

"Now is not the time for your silly games,"I yanked my hand away and started walking off with tears in my eyes. 

He suddenly grabbed me, spun me around and kissed me. "I love you, Tyler."

I would have marched back and slammed that velvet cake in his face OH MY GOD! Fckboi!@
Aribug232 Aribug232 Jun 27
I've read about a lot of pricks in my life, but Levi, he is a f-ing cactus
skyler786 skyler786 May 27
Hes such a motherfuckin dickhead...ooofff someone wants to gets castrated *clenches fists staring at knife*  🔪
babygir0101 babygir0101 Jul 12
To tell the truth ....I only read this book because of Flynn and Harley in the other book.
RedrubPixie RedrubPixie Jul 23
Its not even the whole house and im already jelly 
                              U know what we should trade
I would've took the cake and smashed it on his face and said 
                              "I hated the job anyway"