Natsu And Lucy (One Night Stand Drama)

Natsu And Lucy (One Night Stand Drama)

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Tersiah By StzzMak33 Completed

Both Natsu and Lucy woke up on a Sunday morning to see themselves naked and going through a massive hangover. Will their friendship reunite or would there always be the awkwardness settled between them every time they communicate.

Well this is my NaLu drama story, hope you like.

"Uh..hey uh Lucy" Natsu scratched the back of his hair nervously.
"Hey um Natsu" the blonde nervously gulped her drink.

Contains Adult Situations and language.

But could you even call it a friendship honey? No, you know it's love
Lucy you "did it" with Natsu just hope you used protection😉
How come i can't see anything?!?!?!😨😰😰😰😭😭😰😨😱😐
When your head starts working after a hangover and you dont like what you realized
I thought at the end when Lucy woke up and saw the scene before her,It would say she was horrified and fainted again 😂
Nastu:Luce..... Except it i pounded you like a dog
                              Lucy:SHUT UP*blush*