Planet Spud.

Planet Spud.

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Jinx By DaiisyChaiins Updated Nov 20, 2010

When three isolated, outcast teenagers set up a blog to fight back against the bullies, they never expect it to get as far as 300.000 readers in one night. Together, the three, along with their pet dog Spud, set up Planet Spud, a blog to empower kids everywhere.

Using the screen names Zena, Wasabi and FIzz, the three - Cherry, Jason and Eddie - hide their identities and become the masked warriors of high school. Leading the revolution of the outcasts uprising, they empower the teenagers of today to stand up for themselves and lead irregularity into a new era.

But how long can they possibly hide behind a screen? And will they be found out?

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Jinx_Bowman Jinx_Bowman Oct 23, 2013
To anyone who was following DaiisyChaiins and reading Planet Spud, I've lost access to the account. I've recently rebooted PS, so if you want to read it then please come and check out my new account. Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you!!
DaiisyChaiins DaiisyChaiins Nov 20, 2010
@vampiresuicide Stick with me, kid. We'll do just fine!
                              @Spud_003 I just uploaded, and i'm so glad you like it! :D
DaiisyChaiins DaiisyChaiins Nov 20, 2010
@Spud_003 Haha, the whole thing about this story is that it's divided into sections with different text types. Eg; character profiles, blog entries, emails, instant message logs and more. It was completely intentional :P Hope you're enjoying it otherwise Spud. x
Spud_003 Spud_003 Nov 19, 2010
Okay this story is really truly awesome. It's funny, inspirational and just plain amazing. Please upload soon (:
DaiisyChaiins DaiisyChaiins Nov 18, 2010
@Shadows_of_the_Moon I will on the weekend, which is when I will always be uploading as school is intense right now :( And be a potato; we're a revolution!!
Shadows_of_the_Moon Shadows_of_the_Moon Nov 16, 2010
nice, i like potato's and i probably would be one!!! please upload anouther ch. SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!