Gunpowder & Cinnamon {Fred Weasley}

Gunpowder & Cinnamon {Fred Weasley}

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Book 2

Everyone knew the story of the Boy Who Lived. But many weren't familiar with the story of the Girl Who Knitted. Eleanor Ross knitted her way to victory, her knitted garments protected those who fought against the Dark Lord and his followers, and to think it all started with a prank.

Back in their fifth year of Hogwarts, Fred and George Weasley attempted to unleash one of their pranks on the unsuspecting Hufflepuff, and when it failed, they were determined to figure out how Eleanor deflected every single one of their attempts. 

They discovered so much more.

George discovered that knitting posed an actual threat.

Fred discovered that behind the innocent knitting was a fearless badger ready to fight.

Eleanor discovered that she fell in love with a boy who smelled like gunpowder and cinnamon.

The war might have been over, but the adventure was far from it.

Book One: Tightly Knit
Book Two: Gunpowder and Cinnamon
Book Three : TBA

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Witch_cat101 Witch_cat101 2 days ago look like Nigel? 😂😂😂(get this reference)
You missed the perfect opportunity for a pun there “It’s starting to GROW on me” 😂
lizzypinky5 lizzypinky5 Jan 30
Yeah doesn’t everyone love the smell of gunpowder and cinnamon
brinvisibilitycloak brinvisibilitycloak Dec 26, 2017
One of my best friends is married to him, so she would kill me if I stared at him.
Fangurlsdontdocalm Fangurlsdontdocalm Nov 09, 2017
I love that he actually gets the happiness and life he deserves❤️
awesomepiggy1234 awesomepiggy1234 Nov 22, 2017
LETS GET TO A 100!!! AND THEN 200!!!!!THEN 300!!!!!! AND SO ON TIL 6OOOOO