Levi X Reader | My Heart Goes Out To You, Captain

Levi X Reader | My Heart Goes Out To You, Captain

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『J O Y』 By FabulousCakeMaster Completed

The poor (y/n), who lost her friends, parents and many other people in the fall of Wall Maria. Just like thousands of other soldiers. Just as cliche as you think. Yet this girl seemed different. Strong yet weak. Happy yet Sad. Confident yet shy. She is all of these things. Confusing isn't it? She lost her two most cherished friends in the fall. 

At first (y/n) only sees her captain as someone like herself. Someone who built a wall around their own being. But what happens when they both start to break each other's walls? Her walls of 'happiness' and his walls of 'emotionlessness'.


Ok, to set this straight. I'm NOT copying the author has given me this story to continue for her. So...don't report meh ;-;

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nelsraks nelsraks Feb 11
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YachePache YachePache Dec 17, 2017
                              Oh sh*t why did I laugh?
                              I mean,
                              YOU POOR THING!
Thecreepogenius Thecreepogenius Jul 26, 2017
The feeeels!! And I barely know these people. Well, at least he was with his family.....
Xx-Kate-xX Xx-Kate-xX Sep 27, 2017
hApPy bIrThDaY sCoTt, I gOt yOu A pReSeNT...
First paragraph:120 comments.Second Paragraph:2 comments.I think it’s funny how the comments dramatically drop sometimes.
HelloPeasants_ HelloPeasants_ Nov 10, 2017
                              Happy birthday
                              **birthday girl gets killed**
                              Happy birthday. 
                              Happy birthday.
                              Happy birthday.
                              **birthday girl starts shooting killer**