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Somebody come get him

Somebody come get him

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HarrylovesLouis By louissucks_hazza Updated Jan 05

Harry Styles: 21 year old stripper who loves being called Princess and being man handled, stage name is Coco 

Louis Tomlinson: 23 CEO of his own music recording studio, married to Eleanor Tomlinson but things are dull 

Louis looks for fun and he comes across a soft , pretty stripper ; Coco

-daddylou -daddylou Nov 09, 2016
i actually kinda almost threw up at the 'eleanor tomlinson' bit
Im dying are they all gay at a gay club while Louis is married i got a feeling when harry comes im gonna die laughing
*breaks piggie bank*
                              *steals moms money*
                              *takes couch money*