Love Like A Delinquent

Love Like A Delinquent

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Emmma By 3mmaRawrs Completed

3 years ago, my Step Dad adopted a son. His name was Hunter.

For 13 years of his life, Hunter was neglected and abused by his parents. Beaten and raped, Hunter knew nothing good of the world. His Father eventually became a socio-path and shot the Mother. But as he was about to kill Hunter, Police arrived. The Dad shot himself instead.

Hunter is now 16 and has been living in my family for 3 years. 

It's an understatement to say that we don't get along. Hunter is just angry at the world. He drinks and smokes and swears and fights. He kicks me and punches me simply because he's scared. He pushes everyone away. He has flashbacks and nightmares and can't seem to take anymore.

Though I know he has reasons for being such an inconsiderate asshole, I still hate him.
Our family has now moved to Cyprus. We're only staying for a while, so we just got a small appartment. Bad part about that? It's got 2 rooms. Me and Hunter have to share.

At first I hate it. But then over the weeks, I begin to see how broken Hunter Storm really is. He's not just a dick, he's scared. And I'm slowly starting to comfort him through his troubles.

We're getting somewhere, but then the worst possible thing happens.

But strangley, it's bringing us closer.
He's sleeping in my bed, he's crying to me, he's holding my hand. I'm holding him at night, I'm wearing his hoodies, I'm smiling at his touch.

Before I even realize it, I'm in love.

{ Strong Language Throughout! Includes Physical/Sexual Abuse Scenes & Sex
Please Don't Read If Bad Language Makes You Cry. But If You Like Hot Emo Boys With Lip Rings, Read Ahead ^.^ }

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*sighs* *deletes wattpad* *shakes head* *sighs* *downloads wattpad*
Omfg does no one remember how he called her a fûcking mistake?!?!? Like dàmn!
stydia_asf stydia_asf Sep 08
She hit him. Men shouldn't hit women and Women shouldn't hit men.
NightClaw23 NightClaw23 Nov 09
So she have his present at like 7 pm very close to 24 hours almost breaking the law dad
YuukineKA YuukineKA Aug 19
Oh god, the worst think a book can have is an annoying, idiotic main character...She's like a humanized version of a leech
Angeldots Angeldots Sep 21
First of all:
                              This was the first book I ever read on Wattpad. How many times have I reread it, and the angst will never get old?