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The Latibule [ A dark Young Adult novel]

The Latibule [ A dark Young Adult novel]

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Cassandra Cepe By MissCassWriter Completed

Book one done. Look for the sequel in my profile "The Dirge"
#4 in Science Fiction 
    (28-07-2016 00:12)
  #6 in post-apocalypse
  #32 in thriller
  #120 in suspense
    When you see a black-red butterfly, remember these warnings:
    1.) Avoid at all cost
    2.) Do not be deceived by its beauty
    3.) Do not try to touch it.
    If you fail to follow these warnings, you will:
    1.) Lose your home
    2.) Lose your sanity
    3.) Lose your life
    Yanna didn't follow these warnings, and so she'd lost everything.
    But not her sanity.
    In the near future, humanity faces extinction as a virus known as Storm, spread throughout the world. A Dome was built to protect the remaining human population.
    To keep this peace a group of Hunters, sacrifice their lives and fight to the death against the creatures known as Wretched Ones or Ruin who devour humanity.
    Yanna, a cadet, has promised to follow the steps of her deceased father. But she will soon discover what lies beneath the facade of the Dome that has promised a safe and a beautiful life for them.
    One day her world turns upside-down as a band of assassins massacre everyone on the train .
    And they might be recruiting a new member.
    Updates: Every Friday and Tuesday (UTC+8:00)
    WINNER! Novelistas Literary Awards: Best Science Fiction story
    Story will contain some mature contents such as  gore, and some explicit death scenes. Read at your own risk. Since this is R-13, readers under 13 may require STRONG parental guidance and/or approval before reading this story. 
    Please take not that this is a ROUGH DRAFT so there will be errors (but not that obvious)

Once I picked this up, I couldn't put it down. Sensational stuff!
Schelm_Leben Schelm_Leben 3 days ago
- - Jul 17, 2016
Whoa... Years in making... I guess, the story's worthy and not a trash just like any other stories out there.
Warboards Warboards Jul 29, 2016
Ghad this story is so. so. interesting I love it alrdy <3 its weird yet its so interesting <3
- - Jul 04, 2016
Now I know why tons of people love this book. This part intrigued me, made me want to read more. 😎
Rawiya13 Rawiya13 Jul 12, 2016
I love the introduction. I liked to hear your progress on the dtory.. great job