Weathered Eye

Weathered Eye

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"Come on mother! Hurry or we'll miss it!"

I was ten years old. I had grown up with stories of him, even though I had never once met him. My father.

"I'm coming Raina!" came mother's reply from a few feet away.

I was so excited, it was just before sunrise, and I was so afraid we would miss it. Finally I reached the top of the hill, when you looked off the edge you could see out into the open ocean. I felt a hand rest gently on my shoulder, and looked up to see mom smiling down at me, but I could see the shimmer of hope and fear in her eyes. I'm sure I mirrored the expression.

It was nearly time, so we looked out onto the water, waiting. Suddenly there was a bright flash of a strange green light, and you could see the small outline of a ship. His ship.

I started running, down to the beach where mother said he would be. Suddenly she was beside me, she grabbed my hand and pulled me along faster. The beach came into view...

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