The Feral Cure.

The Feral Cure.

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S.M.K By saoigreen Updated Jun 03, 2017

The War to rule and to destroy has begun. Now free, Nova and Ravagers are lost in a world destroyed by the beasts called the Rabids. The West is dying and disease is running rampant. The number of humans are dwindling and Lycans are nowhere to be found. 

Amongst this carnage, the Omega reigns. It is in her blood and the blood of her followers to fight until their dying breath. Together with the Commander, they will fight the unbeatable enemy. Until, there comes word of a new hope. A cure to save the Supernatural races. Nova must confront her oldest enemy and face a new beast that rivals even herself. 

Blood started this War, and blood will end it.

  • alpha
  • death
  • easton
  • fated
  • lycans
  • mates
  • nova
  • omega
  • rabids
  • ravagers
  • soul-mates
  • war
  • werewolves
  • wolves

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