Going Undercover As My Twin ✔

Going Undercover As My Twin ✔

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❝You are a girl.❞ He said after an agonizingly long silence while I stood helplessly in front of him, shaking. This situation was too overwhelming for me.
  ❝Uh... Does that bother you?❞ I stuttered and looked at him with genuine curiosity.
 ❝Yes. Maybe a little too much.❞

Olivia Thompson is living her extremely dull and boring life when she comes across an opportunity that changes everything. Her school's Inconsiderate coaches cut off the girls' soccer team. The only option left for her to pursue her dreams and to prove to everyone that girls can play as efficiently as boys is by secretly taking her identical twin brother's scholarship. Going undercover as her identical twin brother in an all-boys school has turned her life upside down.

 A simple decision changes her life into a tremendous mess of unsolved mysteries revolving around her roommate.

#160 in teen fiction

Is it just me, or is does this sound almost exactly the same to She's the Man?
Ok good. When, I saw the description , I thought u were claiming it as ur own and I got very salty. I'm glad u said that
xxxTifenica xxxTifenica Jul 06
Lol, it's so funny how did she just decide she would go undercover like that?
mmalikk102 mmalikk102 4 days ago
Should have made it Ellen and Niall bc they look like twins anyway
I hate being awkward but I love seeing or reading other peoples awkwardness.
holy crap MY FRICKING
                               SCHOOL IS LIKE THAT(we won in our first game of the year and the coach was like this to the award  ceremony "yes i am their coach i taught them i gave them my knowledge blah da ba da blah blah)