Chronicles of a Spector's Redemption

Chronicles of a Spector's Redemption

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Daxon Islander By DaxonIslander Updated May 30, 2012

The Spector department is dedicated to capturing and returning Demons to Hell, under the direct command of A White Witches Coven. Unfortunately with the Spectors inability to distinguish between demonic and ghostly haunting, a feud between the demon banishing Spectors and the ghost excising Phantoms has erupted for the judgement of souls. Though there are bigger issues facing both paranormal and practical worlds. God has not answered the prayers of his followers, many Angels have fallen from Heaven to assist with an over whelming darkness that threatens to engulgh the world.

  Spector Seth Smith, A Sargent of the Department, has become understaffed in dealing with the disturbingly increased demonic presence threw out the world. With Elven slave trades, The politics of Magic, and absence of the Lord, Heaven It self has broken in two. Those who follow the Lord, and those who want a new rule. Neither of Satan nor God.

(Relax, it's not going have much bible talk in it.)

DISCLAIMER! (There is a little horror in this book, but primarily paranormal and mystery)

  • angel
  • angels
  • arch
  • armageddon
  • avoiding
  • battle
  • car
  • chase
  • chtulu
  • control
  • creature
  • creepypasta
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  • darkness
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  • detective
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  • god
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