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Deaf Wish

Deaf Wish

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writing is weird By weirdself Completed

"I don't care how many times I have to tell you that you are more than enough, that you deserve someone to make you happy and to love you and that I'm so grateful that I'm the one. Or at least I hope I am. But you need to stop thinking the way you do. Just stop it. Drop it. End it. Delete it. Never say it. Never think it. It will only hurt you in the end."
  he removes his hand from my mouth, his facial expression smoothing after he got things off his chest
  Skylar thinks of himself as worthless, useless and not likeable and being deaf didn't exactly help with his judgment. But will he change his mind about himself when he meets Nathan?
  Warning: This story contains BoyxBoy Action and triggering (self-harming) parts.
  Don't like don't read. You have been'/ will be warned. Love you<3

Wolfmanic Wolfmanic Jun 08, 2016
Try to make your authors note in bold or italic, that way people won't confuse it with being part of the story
LadyAmethyst_NM LadyAmethyst_NM Dec 15, 2016
He's not mute and he could hear before, so he knows how to form the words even though he can't hear them.
Adame3890 Adame3890 May 29, 2016
Very descriptive and I love how you didn't start with the deaf thing right away
poooooih poooooih Oct 25, 2016
lmao at first i thought heii and everyone welcomed him and the hashtags  were the time skips
Perfect_Disguise_ Perfect_Disguise_ May 16, 2016
I love the detail in this, you're a really good writer. I'll definitely keep on reading, well done :)
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