Dating Harry Styles (Larry Stylinson)

Dating Harry Styles (Larry Stylinson)

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 Louis isn't a One Direction fan. Well, okay he is. Sorta. Kinda. (It's Lottie's fault, really.) But he's not really expecting anything to come from going to one of their signings - apart from being deafened by fangirls and actually meeting in person the flawlessness that is Harry Styles - but, due to his sisters interference, Louis' ended up with a date with the one and only, Harry himself. 

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oliviastylinsonxx oliviastylinsonxx Sep 30, 2017
Like same but still not, I kinda fooken hate their music but I love them. Especially Larry lol
HazziePazzie HazziePazzie Oct 09, 2017
I met troye sivan once and my sister said the same thing😂
SarahTheSmartAss SarahTheSmartAss Dec 13, 2017
Oh we're lying today ? Okay then why didn't somebody tell me ???
SarahTheSmartAss SarahTheSmartAss Dec 13, 2017
She's trying to be captain but Niall is captain too bad Charollete
JERBShips JERBShips Nov 06, 2017
                              I TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTALLY believe you haha
SarahTheSmartAss SarahTheSmartAss Dec 13, 2017
I would be one of those girls but ew bc I'm louis' mom wait nvm just ignore me