Manhattan's Cherry

Manhattan's Cherry

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(book #2 in Manhattan series )
(You don't have to read the first book to understand this one) 

Sophia Dixon, has it all sorted out. A beautiful daughter, a responsible, loving husband, a big house, a decent lifestyle. What more could she ask for? Her life is perfect, right?
After years of marriage she finds her husband cheating on her with another woman. Her daughter, Serenity, is determined to make her life hell and her whole world is falling apart.

Then, he enters, or should I say returns?

Corner Manhattan. The big bad wolf, as people like to call him. Man-whore, could be another word. After all these years, he finally shows up determined to help Sophia and her daughter.
Sophia doesn't need him, it's decided, for he had left her when she needed him the most . But apparently, Serenity warms up to him, and only him, making Sophia's decision harder.

But there's only one little thing Serenity doesn't know.

That Conner is her real father.

- - Feb 16, 2016
If its Conner then I am not getting  what exactly "personal" work did he have. I thought he forgot Sophia & Serenity long back.  Or he is just talking about his company and work.
htrar123 htrar123 Feb 18, 2016
How old was Serenity in the epilogue of the first book? She was like a past ten right when she met Conner?
Angie_514 Angie_514 Dec 27, 2016
In my school that's what they call me and also a mean spoilt diva
pureangle pureangle Feb 16, 2016
this is a very good update. its conner i think. But why he come at her life back? And what he want now? is he know about Richard's betrayal? Update soon plz
Devyani2580 Devyani2580 Jan 02
I'm in love with ur book 
                              Please update 
                              Please update 
                              Please update 
                              Please update
Amani2003 Amani2003 Apr 03, 2016
In the description of the book it says the dad cheats on Sophia. Is anyone else thinking its with Amelia. She did emphasize her trust in Amelia