Adopted// K.T.H    (completed)

Adopted// K.T.H (completed)

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[Don't adopt me]

Wtffff this biiiiitch, you being like one of those fake aśs jealous hoes tryna get another girl in trouble
VMinies VMinies Jun 25
Nah. Imma change her as me 😂 bcause why not? Im sorry my dubu 😂
Arty7890 Arty7890 Mar 22
OMG I just found this book from search but it's you JELLYBEANSUGA! I just wanna say I luv ur books. I'm gonna read this one while waiting for pet.
i would be like *jjinja?! my name is A but you can call me alice
FOBMCR1 FOBMCR1 Aug 27, 2016
I am legit eating jelly beans as i read this, cream soda ones to be exact lol
Oops - loving the story but like: tears aren't sky blue- they're literally transparent