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most_bay By most_bay Updated Aug 15

I pledge myself to you, my love,
My life is no longer my own,
My afterlife is unknown,
If I'm fortunate, If I'm adequate,
If I'm to be in the heavens,
I'll plead for my home.

Your eyes are my home,
Your breath is my air,
Your voice is my song,
Your arms are my shrine,
Your heart is my altar,
Your smile is my prayer,
Your hand is my prize,
I ache to make you mine.

I need you in every way,
 My rib is not in place. 
 My certain heart calls you,
 My present, my future, my solace,
 My first and last, my onliest love.
 My other self, my life,
'I love you ' is not enough. 

Melody Summer, a nineteen  year old homeless girl with a tragic past. Shy and introverted​ with major insecurities. Melody aged out of foster care and was left without guidance to fend for herself in the concrete jungle of Manhattan. When she meets Akram Sadiq. Twenty one, Handsome Egyptian-American, Juilliard student, her life takes a very  unexpected turn.

**This story is a first draft so hopefully will be edited once finished. *

Neillayosi Neillayosi Jun 20
I just read your story,  and i think the story is interesting .😉
                              Keep Writing. !!! 😊
                              And i will always vote and comment.
Padfoot621 Padfoot621 Jul 08
HOLY COW!!! Your writing is so descriptive and beautiful, just absolutely Phenomenal!!!
rampoorna rampoorna Apr 28
I can relate to this very much. We always wonder "what is wrong with me?" For something we haven't done.
ramchanduri ramchanduri Apr 28
Great beginning. You portrayed her emotions very well. I could see everything before my eyes.
cchinu cchinu Jul 06
That was a nice opening act, showing me many things and yet keeps me guessing.
Just read the first chap. The emotions mainly vulnerability thats portrayed is outstanding. I felt like i am going to lose job and thinking in her shoe of what i am going to do.. a grt start