My Alpha Mate

My Alpha Mate

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Sabrina🌹 By sabrinaruth Updated Jan 29, 2017

Hi! This is my first story I've ever written so please give me feedback! Anything at all! I'd honestly love to hear it! Whether its something good or bad please tell me! I'm all for it! If the chapters are short then tell me and ill try harder to extend them! Enjoy!

Sabrina xxxx

Chapter One

Being the 'New Girl' sucks. Especially when you don't know anyone and feel like an outcast.

As soon as I stepped out of my car I got glares, snide comments and even some wolf whistles from the guys. Not exactly how I wanted my first day at Warners High School to be like. But what else would you expect?

Hi, I'm Arrabella Kingsley and i just moved to town. 80% of the area is forest. Probably because this town is full of werewolves. Oh yeah, did I mention I'm a werewolf? My dad got a job here so we had to move states as well as packs. My father used to be the beta of our old pack but seeing as he had to move jobs he dragged us with him and had to step down as beta. I haven't found my...