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OHSHC x MALE Reader (Redoing)

OHSHC x MALE Reader (Redoing)

16K Reads 429 Votes 8 Part Story
☆Pretty Fish Boy☆ By CoolPanKid Updated Jun 15, 2016

This will be a story about a male reader being in the host club. At the end there are 6 different endings. Depending who you chose to go out with.

Minus_Anders Minus_Anders May 16, 2016
Cute Highschool Earth Defense Club Love! Is a great anime! 👌
ChoveryChan ChoveryChan Feb 19, 2016
*Tamaki,Kyoya,Honey-senpai,Mori-senpai,Kaoru and Hikari when they hear this*
                              "LET'S DO IT!!!!😎😎"
HeichouSwag_ HeichouSwag_ May 21, 2016
I thought it was "well hello there (f/n) ive been expecting you" xD (if you get this reference i swear)
Im reading the comments from bottom to top and the bottom ones are like 'ohhh club this.' And 'this club' and then theres just Kiss.....
Yuno Gasai?? Oh god she's gonna go all yandere and kill someone, isn't she?
darkangel254 darkangel254 Feb 11, 2016
Good beginning chapter! Very minimal typos, started with a good story plot. Keep up the good work m@!