A new life  (dipper x reader)

A new life (dipper x reader)

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t_j_k_ By t_j_k_ Completed

Your parents don't think twice about shipping you off to Gravity Falls. You end up staying in the Mystery shack. You quickly fall in love with Dipper Pines and befriend his quirky sister Mabel. But what happens when your life in Gravity Falls turns out a little different than expected?

Mild swearing

sacha_lizzy sacha_lizzy Aug 22
Im happy you use terms they use in Europe too. Because I don't understand Feets and inches... Im from the netherlands btw
Finally, these kind of things always make brain explode so this a relief and I'm from Holland btw
Omg isn't the floor wood? Wouldn't she get a splinter in her tongue lol! 😂😂
Oreo-Queen Oreo-Queen Oct 28
Cool so far.
                              Dipper's (aka Dopper's) side of the room sounds like my room. Bookshelves filled and spilling out, chewed pens everywhere, all you forget was the crumpled papers everywhere.  :'D
When I saw the first line I ran to the closet wall and slid down it
. . . . . . .  Rose? . . . . . .*cryz a river of tears* ROSE TYLER!!!!!!!! *cryz harder*