Something Sweet | ✓

Something Sweet | ✓

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Bond & Baymax By bamboozling Completed

Lola and Jay have never been friends. Becoming unlikely allies is even asking for too much, especially since Lola considers him a nuisance and Jay believes she's only drama. However, with their senior summer drawing to a close, their urge to catch the attention of their former flames hits a new low. So, when Jay's ex turns out to be Lola's sister, and Lola's happens to be Jay's best friend, they form a pact to help each other out. It doesn't come without a price, though: something sweet, from both ends. 

But, when you give something sweet, something equally so is returned. For Jay and Lola, their sweet isn't a gumdrop or a lollipop. It's much, much more. To tamper with love is not an easy feat. Not when it's so easy to fall into a cycle of innocent laughs turned warm hugs turned sweet kisses.

[by ketterdams]

Highest Rank: #19 Short Story (07.19.16)

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I gotta say, the name "Lola" is too funny because in the Philippines it means grandmother. Just sayin'
the only reason I know about jay is because of Cody Ko. The blue-ass water.
oh my god, i love your blurb writing skills!!!!! 😍😍😍
i feel sad knowing alexis and jay aren’t tgt anymore ))))))))))))””””””:
autumnkeely autumnkeely Mar 25
Love your cover, the attention to detail on your writing, and a storyline that keeps me reading. I can only hope my novels can reach your book's potential. @bamboozling
Naomi played the pink ranger in the power ranger movie and you know I’m obsessed