When Night Comes (Unedited)

When Night Comes (Unedited)

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Just.Reckless. By Vampirehorsequeen31 Updated Jul 08

"Night is when the wolves howl and the Alpha rises." 

Angela Percy's life has been anything but happy. As if being bigger than the average woman isn't bad enough,   Angela has also had to suffer at the unmerciful hands of her own family, who not only insult her physical appearance but also attack her profession as a scientist. So at the age of 24, Angela finally finds the courage to leave home to take a job as a research scientist studying the wild life in Northern Alaska. 

 All but given up on a social life, Angela moves in and prepares for the harsh winter.  But within days, she finds herself between two very different men, one just as brooding and secretive as the other. 

 But in the end, only one man seems to make her heart race. His mysterious mansion just across the road and his overly dominant personality draw her to him. His golden eyes both entrance and frighten her and her need for him only seems to intensify.

Among the wildlife are all sorts of creatures- including... wolves. Angela catches glimpses of a pack from afar and there's one wolf that she feels a sort of connection to, yet she can't figure out why. That is, until the wolf turns into a man. 

*** This is book one of the Packs Series***

   (Updates are slow.) Unedited.

Tubbzy25 Tubbzy25 Feb 12, 2016
Ohh can't wait for da nxt chapter😍😍😍 man I love ur books😂😂😍😍
EvieStevie905 EvieStevie905 Feb 20, 2016
I think he's spotted her and realize she could be his mate. I actually like this start a lot. I hope you continue. It's awesome so far.
This_confused_Writer This_confused_Writer Jul 22, 2016
I really like this and I love how she looks.. She is beautiful
maxgucci24 maxgucci24 Aug 05, 2016
Im sorry I had to do it. When I saw the name Harry, I jus thought of 1D and Harry Styles ( Professional Fangirl )
fxckar fxckar Mar 09, 2016
You're my favorite author I literally love you so much! All of your works are legit fantastic! 💜💜💜
MissPoultryQueen MissPoultryQueen Feb 11, 2016
This seems like this story could be very interesting! I'm looking forward to it. :)