The Truth About Hermione Granger

The Truth About Hermione Granger

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Paxton <3 By thecamp_hogwarts Updated Nov 05

Have you ever felt out of step with the world? Like you're always one step in front or behind the entire world? Hermione has felt like that her entire life so it comes as no surprise when a strangely familiar family knocks on her cozy muggle home in suburban London telling her that she was adopted by muggles to keep her safe from the "man" she just helped defeat not even a month prior. 

Draco couldn't tell her the truth. Nobody could, that's why he kept it a secret. A secret that was eating away at him for almost eight years. His secret love and fascination with a certain witch, a muggleborn witch to be specific. That's why it needed to be a secret, but when news of the woman he loved got back to Draco, he became overjoyed. He no longer needed to be fearful of prejudice. He was free to share his heart.

Figure out what twists and turns this forbidden love comes with. Follow the rejection, loss, and love this story has but reading The Real Life of Hermione Granger

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I love how she's just like "oh chill I wanna see what the hell I look like today! 😀"
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Not to sound racist but.... I thought that the Zabini's were black. How does this work?