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Billdip Smut And Fluff

Billdip Smut And Fluff

46.3K Reads 976 Votes 16 Part Story
JJ By Livelox25 Updated 3 days ago

My last story for flagged and delete so I owe everyone a new book!


cute_sans_lover cute_sans_lover a day ago
Okay okay clam down  and how I must ask are you gonna kill me if I do I just want to know okay
Vanguard16 Vanguard16 Oct 12, 2016
:3 I dunno why, but I totally cat-grinned there... Real life attempted to...
Storm1001 Storm1001 Nov 23, 2016
You know your smut book is good and dirty when Wattpad flags it
IGoByManyNamez IGoByManyNamez Oct 04, 2016
*claps loud* THIS is what I like!
                              We need more people like you! 😄
HahaOkayButWhyTho HahaOkayButWhyTho Jul 28, 2016
I'm reading thus from the 18th level of fandom hell
Vanilla_bean23 Vanilla_bean23 Feb 11, 2016
Its alright friend, it was your choice to do so. I cant wait for the new one!