31 Days With 1D *with sequel* ~1D Fanfic~(#Wattys2016)

31 Days With 1D *with sequel* ~1D Fanfic~(#Wattys2016)

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~~~"Okay, let's make a deal..." He said. 

"Come stay with us for 31 days, and give us a chance to convince you to like us, if the days are up and you still don't like us, we'll give you $10,000, if you do, however, then you don't get the money."

"Make it 20,000 and it's a deal." I replied.

"Okay, deal!"~~~
Allie just recently left high school. She now lives her life as a successful 18 year old Youtuber, and for her, life couldn't get any better. Her channel, 'A-plus' has over 300 uploaded videos, and 900,000 subscribers. She basically just talks about random topics, and does a few cover videos here and there. One day, she decides to do a Q&A video. She stumbles upon a question,
"Hiii Allie, I love you and your videos so much! My question for you is, which member of 1D is your fav, and why?"
Little did she know that her answer would change her life. 
Will she be up for the challenge?

//if you're easily offended, please do not read//

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