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Let's say you're a dragon slayer or maybe even a knight. What journey are you on? Maybe you're a shadow from the underground. You could even be a little kid with a dream. Whatever it is, Tell me your story. 

I will host a variety of contests in this book in order to get a chance to read some of your stories. I hope you write to your hearts content and as always: Enter contests to win a variety of prizes and recognition for your writing. 

Happy Writing!

unicorn_with_no_horn unicorn_with_no_horn Jun 05, 2016
I softly closed his eyes, breaking his unwavering stare into the unknown, his body a mere shell of the man that I loved, gone for eternity, never to return, never again to tell me that he loves me and never again to see the dawn break the dark of morning.
Iskipp_U Iskipp_U Feb 06
Tears rolled down my cheeks as I held my mom and told her I loved her for the last time, because after this, they would soon pull her plug, and I would lose my mom.
Rooty2000 Rooty2000 Jul 21, 2016
"Hello doc. "What are we'll going to do.. Rooty grabs his chin softly. Giving a crafty expression
                              "I absolutely love your lips can I catch them and rip them off. Rooty replies back with a flourishing move...
I dreamt of a better tomorrow, one with love and hope and kindness hovering in the air as you took each step, one where chickens could cross the road without being questioned about their motives, and it was a world I now long to live in with you.
Miss_nobody731 Miss_nobody731 Jun 20, 2016
I never realize how much it hurts to lose someone you love, because I didn't know what love was until now.
PinkSugarSkull PinkSugarSkull Jul 23, 2016
My mind became blank, drifting deeper and deeper in the vast blue ocean, the last bubbles of life drifting to the sky...I accepted my fate, and let the siren drag me down deeper and deeper, into her home and my soon to be death bed.
                              ( I tried lol)