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What is love??

What is love??

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MysticRosu<3 By Rosu-chan Completed

Frisk never knew about the special day which is Valentine's Day. When Sans mentioned it to her, Frisk is deciding whether or not if she should finally confess her feelings to Sans. Will she confess or will she just pass this special day on and forget about it?? Ohh and will Sans just get over the fact that he got rejected when he asked Toriel out on a date?? The world may never know!!! Also this is only for Valentine's Day!! 


Frisk is a girl and she is 16 years old.

Sans is like 201 in the monster world but he is like only 17 or 18 in the human world.

Papyrus is just a year before Sans and he is 16.

Mettaton is 17 and a girl.

Asriel is 16.

Charisse or Chara is a girl and is 16.

Toriel is like 203 so she's like 19 in the human world.

Asgore is the same as Toriel.

Undyne is 18 and Alphys is 17. 

And that's about it. That's a lot of writing. Plz follow, vote, and comment me in my books. I'll be happy to hear from you. Buh bye!!!!

Foxeta Foxeta Jun 19
For me it depends, if frisk is a small child and Tori and sans were adults, then Soriel, if Frisk and sans were teenageres and Tori an adult, the Frans
Lol this was possibly the first Stories i read from wattpad.
                              Im rereading it. And omg im cringing...
Foxeta Foxeta Jun 19
Wait, if Tori is 19 and Azzie is 16,  de fuk? Oh, wait Tori is 200 something in monster years....
Sasquash19 Sasquash19 Jul 09
lol I think she's alright for now... I'm watching you chara. DONT U TRY ANYTHING CHARA OR I WILL GET U!!!!
Am I the only one that ashore and tori are 19 and asrial is 16 that means that tori and asgore were 3 when they had asrial
I can answer the title......BABY DON'T HURT ME DON'T HURT ME NO MORE