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Ghouls Vs. Vampires (Phan Fan Fiction)

Ghouls Vs. Vampires (Phan Fan Fiction)

3.6K Reads 133 Votes 12 Part Story
Burnt Toast By A_Deadly_Fart Updated Jan 18

Five years pass after the war between the humans and vampires- and the world is finally at peace. King Phil Lester and King Dan Howell are now engaged, and are getting ready for their wedding. 

It seems like a perfect fairy tale ending for the two of them, and they think nothing can possibly go astray now. 

That is until there are rumors that a new evil creature has risen from the gates of the underground: Ghouls. Phil and Dan are cautions about the rumors, but try to pay them no mind.

On their wedding day, five ghouls  disguised as vampires starts to attack every one there. They inform the Kings that the infamous ghoul queen, Belladonna, has awoken from her three century slumber and is ready to take control of the world. 

Once again, Phil and Dan must risk their lives to save not only their people- but the entire world as they know it. With the help of two very feisty companions, a run in with an old pal, and a mysterious riddle that questions the fate of them- they must take down the ghoul queen, before it's too late. 

{Sequel to The Vampire and the Vampire Hunter}

gay_on_ice_tbh gay_on_ice_tbh Jul 27, 2016
*applause* Beautiful, m8. I'm scared for their future, even though they're fictional, but beautiful.
NickiG3 NickiG3 Aug 23, 2016
Wow, even when they're vampires Phil still eats Dan's cereal
oklane0528 oklane0528 Jun 13, 2016
I come from the first book to find this on hold I'M GONNA CRY ASDHKFL WTF
gay_on_ice_tbh gay_on_ice_tbh Jul 27, 2016
Oh God... Do I want this when I'm an adult...? Probs but, Phanfiction is important...
gay_on_ice_tbh gay_on_ice_tbh Jul 27, 2016
Well, as I just read the description for this, I am bloody terrified and don't know if I'm ready.
kwittycat kwittycat Feb 12, 2016
So wait, was Dan just adopted, why do that have different middle names.