Silhouette • Alec Lightwood •

Silhouette • Alec Lightwood •

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Slaytanic By Deviancee Updated Dec 24, 2016

"Alec the Asshole, Jace the Jerk, Izzy the Idiot, Simon the stupid and Clary the-"

"Don't even."

"What? I was going to say cutie."

"And what are you?" 

"Perfect piper, duh."


in which a brown eyed flirt becomes the enigma of a blue eyed demon hunter.

Indi3557 Indi3557 Jul 05
Well I'm a Slytherin (Slytherin pride motherf*ckers) but my mums a Hufflepuff so go badgers
I'm not innocent enough to be Hufflepuff... Gryffindor Pride!!! ROAR BITCHES ROAR!!!
-kittyjoon -kittyjoon Jun 11
Why y'all over here changing Alec's CANON sexuality just for your own pleasure? Homosexuality cannot be changed, and should be RESPECTED
Slytherin but my best friends are hufflepuff so badger pride beatches
I've always thought that I was ravenclaw but I'm actually Hufflepuff so, Badger Pride 💛🖤💛🖤
We're all in this together
                              Once we know
                              That we are
                              We're all stars
                              And we see that
                              We're all in this together
                              And it shows
                              When we stand
                              Hand in hand
                              Make our dreams come true