Trust (Percy Jackson/Avengers Crossover)

Trust (Percy Jackson/Avengers Crossover)

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Blooper By cheshire_dragon Updated Mar 25, 2016

* * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Percy stormed through the halls of S.H.I.E.L.D. He had half a mind to scream at Fury that he was having a nice lunch break, and that he did no need to be escorted through the halls. 

A scowl on his face, he slammed the door behind him as he stalked into Fury's office. "What did you want?" Fury rolled his eyes, and Percy scoffed. He was not in the mood, he had dark black bags under his eyes, and he hadn't drunk any coffee yet. His hair was a mess, and constantly having to push his bangs out of his face was annoying. 

"Percy, you have been transferred." Percy managed a sarcastic whoop of joy, before slamming his hands down on Fury's desk. 

"Get to the point!" His scowled deepened. He was starting to get impatient. 

"We want you working for the Avengers. You still will be working under S.H.I.E.L.D., but you will monitor the Avengers while you are one." Percy froze at this. He would not give up all he had worked for to join a stupid group who didn't know how to keep things clean. They almost reminded him of himself a long time ago, but he had changed. 

"No. Absolutely not." He replied, and Fury's brows arched down. 

"Mr. Jackson, that is an order." Percy glowered. 

"Fine." He hissed. "When do I start?" 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Percy has a lot of things on his plate and recently, one has been the Avengers. Stupid, making messes at simple jobs, slow, and untrusting, Percy is starting to doubt that giving up all that he worked for was worth it. 

In fact, he didn't even give it up, he was ordered to give it up. 

They just can't seem to trust each other.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Heeheeheeeee!!!! I have lots in store for this book including lots of plot twists... DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNN!!!! And this story is not what it seems at a first glance, sooooooo... PJO+MARVEL=AMAZINGNESS!!!

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awesomegirl10101 awesomegirl10101 Apr 03, 2017
Typical Persassy Jacksasson... Or would it be Persassius Jacksasson???
natureotaku natureotaku Jul 30, 2016
YESSSSS I LOVE THIS!!! But I'm still mad about how PERCABETH AINT HERE
inspiringwords12 inspiringwords12 Feb 22, 2016
Dam I wish I could vote six more times. Anyways I like the beginning! Can't wait to find out how Percy got to shield!
ImADemiwizard ImADemiwizard Jan 16, 2017
Percy's first impression on Steve. 
                              Percy: I don't want to f****** be here.
                              Steve: LANGUAGE