Opposites Really Do Attract

Opposites Really Do Attract

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McKenna (Deathy) By -Death_Row- Updated Nov 08

Hey my Forevers. That's what I'm going to call my fans. 
This is the new description for "Really? I'm a Marine Mated to a King". I think I may call it Opposites Really Do Attract, I think that's a cool name. 

I'd also like to say thank you for over FOUR (holy) thousand reads and over 100 votes. That means a lot to me. 

Poli Greei, a marine, a first class werewolf healer, and now a Kings' mate? What are the odds?

Poli has just come back from the military, she had always been a bit 'tougher' than normal girls. She could easily take down a bear with one shot, and she was one of the most intelligent girls in her school. 

At the tender age of 18 she stops aging. Only Lycans do this, however, being a second born of an alpha, she wouldn't be able to inherit Lycanism. 
Poli does not know she could inherit Lycanism. However, her twin brother Forest  inherited it as well. 

She meets Bradlley Greyson Kingston, the Alpha King. 
Most would think Bradlley has an extraordinary life, however this is not the case, his is similar to Poli's but a whole lot different as well. 

When these two meet, being mates, will they become one, or will they grow apart, clashing heads because they are too opposite.

As some say, Opposites Attract.

;Discontinued, sorry;

i salute you. My  grandfather was in the military and many of my friend's  family
Awesome job McKenna. Become the great writer I want you to be. 
                              Your Fateful Sister McKenna :9. Don't know why mum named us both it!
Sorry if mt last coment was weird but i absolutely love your book so far  Keep up yhe good work