The Emperor's Diamond (mxb) MPREG

The Emperor's Diamond (mxb) MPREG

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Marya Angelia By babyangelholic Updated Oct 13, 2016

Tang Dynasty Period

Emperor Huizhong was a well-known ruler with a kind heart and wise personality. His son, the crown Prince Jianyu who is already 24 by age was arranged to be married with a beautiful lady of Kuang Family, Xiulan who in fact was a boy in disguised. Jianyu who already had his own love interest, Lady Lifen from Zhao Family to whom he intended to marry was a daughter of Minister Zhao the one who wanted to rip the Kingdom apart for his own good. Feeling angry and upset with his father's decision, Jianyu got married to his chosen wife. In other hand, Xiulan was so worried if someone in the palace found out about her secret. With so much harted from Jianyu, and so much love from Xiulan. Will harted win, or will love find its way to Jianyu's heart? Find it out on this fiction!

WARNING: It is a manxboy fiction. Read it for your own good! It is just a ficition so all the things that's being mentioned here is just part of my imagination. MPREG!!!

Yeho_Akira Yeho_Akira Dec 28, 2016
Smiling warmly. I wouldn't have corrected you, but since you put a lot of effort in your writing style, I thought it'll be nice to correct it.
me_reading me_reading Apr 02, 2016
非常感谢 for the chapter! -half from google translate lol. Enjoyed this chapter~
LeaTomlinson_12 LeaTomlinson_12 Nov 16, 2016
I love it!!! I really can't wait to read more! It is amazing!!
LeaTomlinson_12 LeaTomlinson_12 Nov 16, 2016
Your majesty, if this lowly servant dares to interrupt, please, on the behalf of the readers, we'd be delighted if you could treat Lady Xiu with gentleness and care as she is frail. This is all. 
                              If your highness rejects, I'm afraid the consequences will be very serious