The Yankee and the President

The Yankee and the President

17.4K Reads 402 Votes 25 Part Story
NarulenNagara By NarulenNagara Updated Nov 17, 2014

Pairings: Inoobu/Yabunoo, Hikato, TaDaiki are the main pairings  (hinted pairs you'll know sooner)

Rating: PG

Genre: school, romance slightly angst, fluff, boy's love,dark,little violence

Summary: Yabu Kota is a delinquent from Shirokin Gakuen, his life was boring until he meet an angel looking guy which changes his world. 
                 Takaki Yuya is an easy-go-lucky guy often called 'Bakaki' because of his idiotic personality until he met a spoiled-brat that makes his life more complicated than it is.
                  Hikaru Yaotome is lazy, he preferred to sleep and skip classes, but then he met a guy who he thinks to be an image of a perfect man but he didn't know that behind those perfection lies a dark-tragic past.

A/N: Sorry for some grammatical error. Sorry I haven’t updated the Truth Behind the Dreams.. I want to but I can’t think of better scene to add.. ahahah.. So I ended up making another chaptered story for Yabu and Inoo.. because I love delinquents.. <3 <3 <3 Hope you read it Thanks..  and the title and summary sucks… spare me again!!!

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kookgist kookgist Nov 07, 2016
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SayuriTakaki SayuriTakaki Aug 22, 2015
this is so much fun <3 hahaha takaki is the only one strait i mean if the hirikoshi princess is not a guy haha
                              it might be chii or daiki <3 but i hope is daiki <3
nisasenbe92 nisasenbe92 Feb 23, 2015
hello.. my friend recommended this fic to me~ xD
                              I know it was too late for me to follow your fic, but I'm enjoy your fic btw =)).
                              I don't finish to read all chaptered yet, so let me stand on here, nee~!
                              thanks for this fic and keep writting :))
527921 527921 Sep 08, 2014
am reading this...again..haizzzz. 
                              when is the next update...**sobs**
AnetaKolodziej AnetaKolodziej Jun 17, 2013
Super! I want more ^_^
                              Great and funny story and really interesting.
                              This Horikoshi Princess. I'm wondering who he is. Maybe Chii or Dai-chan. 
                              Thank You for wonderful story. I will wait for continuation. <3 ^_^