Beanie Boy (Edd X Reader)

Beanie Boy (Edd X Reader)

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Sarah Barah By lemonlimegum Completed

You have a very hard life. Something dramatic happened when you were young and it gave you many nightmares and terrified thoughts. You are always bullied and no one dares to even listen to you.
When you meet this boy, he seems to take notice in you right away. You do too.

But little do you and him know that there is a very jealous girl who wants to murder your brains out. 

Will all end well? 
Read to find out!

Trash_Dweeb Trash_Dweeb Jul 25
The beggining of a story starts with me being raped....
                              Seems legit
*exits story* NOPE!
                              *comes back* i wanna see what happens..,
Memowmix Memowmix Aug 07
Then why would they take the time to move for your 'incident'.? 🤷‍♀️😂😂
Ok ok who are this sons of bitches! I will kill them and feed my pet wolf with there remains!!!!!
Amy2078 Amy2078 Dec 31, 2016
This is why i carry a tazer in my book bag and a knife in my pocket when i go to school
this is why I learned how to fight from my dad he was a solider and he showed me how to shoot perfectly . And this is why I'm in a private school.