Beauteous (Niall - Centric)

Beauteous (Niall - Centric)

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All vampires have powers, magic powers, seriously cool stuff that can make them anything from deadly to just incredibly talented.

Niall's ma was bitten by a vampire half way during her pregnancy, but as she was carrying a baby the venom and vampire traits were shared, turning her into a half vampire. No one was sure if she would have a power or not considering the circumstances.
Of course people were worried about the baby, but were surprised when he came out fine, perfect actually. There was nothing to suggest that the child was even a little bit vampire, not even half. And after some tests, they proved that Niall was in fact, 100% human.

The surprising thing they then did find, after years of looking into it, was that Maura Horan DID have a power. But because of her pregnancy, she never claimed or obtained it.
The gene was instantly carried on to Niall, he had the power his mother couldn't.
Only problem was, Niall was 100% human, or at least 99%, and he didn't want or need his power, technically he shouldn't even have it.

Niall is superhumanly, unnaturally, incredibly beautiful

And four certain vampires had noticed

(Ziall, Narry, Nouis, Niam)

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Everytime I try that,the person clears his/her throat and raises his/her eyebrows and I sigh and go like here's your 20 bucks keep the change😂
If your in Percy Jackson slash Greek mythology life, you will be son of Aphrodite or Apollo😂
Just found this while reading​ a Zianourry story... So I started reading this one and kinda put the other on the back burner. Oops. Lol. Oh well..  But I'm loving this so far.  👏💕
In Ariana Grande's voice 
                              "I've got one less one less problem"
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I loooooooovvvveeeee this so much:) keep on writing. Your writing is beautiful