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the world may never know (haha) By misslove140_happy Updated Apr 13, 2015

PIC OF SCARLET ON THE SIDE ---------------------------------------->>>>

Being a servant for the Alphas for 3 years has had it ups and downs, yes Alphas as in two twin actually Damien and Dominic. Being a omega is basically being the packs servant, even though i get picked on a little i don't let it affect me with the help of my best friend Vasilisa. The Alphas Damien and Dominic have been very violent for the past 4 months looking for their mate and kinda took it out on every one.

I was just waking up from one of my very familiar dreams at 7:30 the dream starts off innocent me just in a field by myself when Damien and Dominic pops out of no where and claim that i am their mate and from then on a gigantic war breaks out. Would i say freaky yes,scary definitely, very unreal...... well your asking me.

I walked into the bathroom connected to my room and look at my reflection in the mirror to see a tan skinned girl with brown hair and deep blue eyes, before my mom died she always said i ...

asimchan asimchan Nov 13
My English teacher definitely mark a big red X at “beautifulist”, but any “live” languages have about 80 new words a months (or a day? Can’t remember the time here 😂 ) so maybe that word can be use in future, who’s know 😉
elephant44 elephant44 Apr 24, 2015
Those alphas r horrible, they should be put up there in the cell, or attic.
Wiccan_Witch Wiccan_Witch Jul 31, 2014
There's always a space after a comma. Sorry, I just had to correct you on that but it's looking good so far :)
tatortay1998 tatortay1998 Jul 30, 2014
No but you could just change it to beautiful and the sentence would still make since
- - May 10, 2014
I will die if I have to sleep in someplace like a cell or an attic