Shh, It's a Secret {Sakura Haruno FanFic}

Shh, It's a Secret {Sakura Haruno FanFic}

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RainDropS By KirstyKreme Updated Mar 01, 2014

In which Sakura Haruno gets herself expelled and is transferred (slash forced) to a school that literally revolves around the one thing she is best at but is forbidden to do: Fighting. Her grandfather and her strike a deal; if she can keep her family background and abilities hidden for the whole school year, her grandfather would do anything she wants all Summer break. If she can't, she will have to agree with anything her grandfather says without question. At first, it was simple. 

Then she found out it was an all boys' school and she is once again forced to keep yet another secret: her gender. With everything getting even more complicated as the days pass, she could curse that student council president for being such a brat and making Sakura punch her. 

"Haruno, there is no such thing as no fighting in this school. It's life. Deal with it."

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ReynaFreed ReynaFreed Oct 11
You had me laughing through this entire chapter! She would totally act like this, I bet. Very well thought out and engaging. Other than a few words needing spaces between them, it's nicely done
Online_Sociopath Online_Sociopath Aug 11, 2016
When your on your period and you ask your guy friends to buy you pads and they refuse
duchessdipshit duchessdipshit Jun 29, 2016
                              *instantly thinks about Ziana, Garroth's mom from MCD*
somefreakywriter somefreakywriter Jul 14, 2015
anyone else think of 1direction when they say 1D?? I'm not even a fan of theirs but still.
rukiableach rukiableach Jun 29, 2015
It's okay gaara... We all know that your gay. No need to be shy.
rukiableach rukiableach Jun 29, 2015
I've always liked sakura....but now! Man this is going to get sakura some new fans