Demigods Happened (PJO/HOO)

Demigods Happened (PJO/HOO)

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Taz of the Raven By SalixMendax Updated Apr 08

Just your average mortals meet/ book of one-shots. They're mostly connected to one another, but you will have to figure out the order for yourself. Sorry for any confusion this causes.

If I make some continuancy error, tell me and I'll try to correct it.
I'll try to avoid clique but I make no promises. 
I'll update when I feel like it so don't bother nagging.
If you want a particular ship just ask. If I don't ship it myself, I'll probably just do it as friends/enemies. Sorry in advance.

May contain swearing of varying levels. Don't let that put you off. 
I cannot promise the entire book will be PG so again sorry in advance.

All characters except for OCs belong to Rick Riordan. Based off a book series by Rick Riordan.
Consider all chapters disclaimed.

If you think I stole your idea let me know. I probably won't change it but I will give you credit for what's yours. If it's really bothering you then I will take the part down, but I would prefer not to.

Enjoy! Taz of the Raven

SophiaMohamed7 SophiaMohamed7 a day ago
I feel like Viktor Krum is 70% eyebrows ,so he isn't exactly hot but whatever