Annabel [h.s.]

Annabel [h.s.]

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Flora By StylisticMoods Completed

There is no way that I can escape this now; no way that I can possibly escape her and all that lies behind the darkness in her eyes. I've gone too far. Inexplicably, I have become entranced by everything that she is, especially the red that we share. She is like the moon: haunting, beautiful, and so far out of reach.

I have walked her through the gates of hell and, still, she has made no attempt to turn back. She likes to push my buttons, to put me on edge in an attempt to feel the red that resides within her. She is dangerous, but I cannot pull myself away from her gravity. 

*WARNING: Contains mature content, swearing, violence, death, and possible trigger warnings.

CarlyWritesStories CarlyWritesStories 12 hours ago
I feel like parents in fanfics simply don't want to accept their children have sex lmao, cuz they always seem so oblivious to the matter
CarlyWritesStories CarlyWritesStories 16 hours ago
I'm so infatuated with this book and it's only the 2nd chapter
Shaymy Shaymy Jun 27
honestly i just started reading this and i love it already... so different and interesting
CarlyWritesStories CarlyWritesStories 17 hours ago
So he's a narcissist who loves things that remind him of himself ? 😂 same
CarlyWritesStories CarlyWritesStories 12 hours ago
This girl is the human embodiment of shameless, I think I'm rather fond of it