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Dance With The Vampire (MalexBoy)

Dance With The Vampire (MalexBoy)

19.4K Reads 723 Votes 6 Part Story
🐼Mya🐼 By _AngelFeathers_ Updated Dec 06, 2016

Austin is a 17 year old boy, who stumbles across a dead body. While on his walk through the woods he hears a branch snap, making him take notice who's their or what's watching him. Suddenly the noise starts to get closer, Austin now running for his life. 

Out of nowhere, he trips and falls landing on a rock. He groans in pain, trying to move but he can't. He then feels a hand on his shoulder, making Austin turn around and to see the one thing he didn't want to believe. The man slowly reaches down to where his ear is and whisper these words:

"Now your mine."

nellyrozenberg nellyrozenberg May 13, 2016
I already like this story. When is the next update? I can't wait to read it!
HeienJie HeienJie Dec 17, 2016
This made me recall a brand name of a juice drink. I think it was Zesto.
Alina_Raven Alina_Raven Apr 23, 2016
Hey,  are you ever going to update? Because I actually like this story and I want to see what else might happen.
Nebbia8 Nebbia8 Jul 05, 2016
Dude you lived for like 167 years I think you can manage to wait for like 10 min if not less 😂
AzzGem AzzGem 2 days ago
I was expecting an immortal would be someone more patient, but I guess I was wrong
HeienJie HeienJie Dec 17, 2016
Dead already? 😯 Did he suck 5 L of blood? And he's not yet even full 😐