The Girlfriend Project (PinkieDash AU/ Lesbian Story)

The Girlfriend Project (PinkieDash AU/ Lesbian Story)

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× Mary Jo × By MaryJoeycoco Updated Jul 27, 2017

"You know the plan?" Pinkie Pie asked as she straighten her dress as Rainbow Dash sighed and blew her bangs from her face. 

"Yes." She said as Pinkie Pie smiled towards her and patted her arm.

"Thanks again Rainbow," Pinkie Pie said as Rainbow Dash smiled weakly and Pinkie Pie walked in, but Rainbow Dash wanted to walk out. 


What happens whenever the love of your life is getting married? You get jealous of course! But for Pinkie Pie, she wants to make Cheese Sandwich jealous, so her and her best friend thinks of a plan, that would change both of their lives forever!

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Lyndsayx Lyndsayx May 16, 2017
I really imagine pinkie saying that.. Doesn't look good.. O.O
619BAD 619BAD Apr 20, 2016
I'm guessing this is eventually turn to actual love instead of trying to make Cheese sandwich jealous
amazelcindya amazelcindya Dec 31, 2016
I don't know why but I like it when  they give a description of the clothes they were.