Dark Visions

Dark Visions

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Arden Loveridge sees dead people. 

Will Wyatt sees how people die. 

When Arden moves away from home and lands in Walden, Washington, a foggy seaside town with more secrets than residents, she and Will strike up an instant hatred for each other. He's too careless, she's too careful. 

But then a girl goes missing, and, two days later, her body shows up on the beach. 

Forced to work together, Arden and Will have to push their differences aside and work against the clock, against a killer who keeps escalating. 

They have to realize that, sometimes, curses are blessings in disguise. That, sometimes, not all stories have happy endings.

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gazings gazings May 30
me showing off my good side vs. me turning and showing the other half of my face ridden with scars, redness, and acne
i don’t get how people are rereading when it says the story is not completed yet?
halimaze halimaze Jul 01
my parents would be taking off their shoes and getting ready to smack me with them if i didn’t that so i just call them “mama” and “dad”
the only thing i'm scared of is ghosts...not even spiders or wasps just ghosts
amiwoo amiwoo Aug 11
so she had an accident and nearly died so she nearly entered the dead world but now she’s living half in the alive world and half in the dead world so now she can see dead people who also died unnaturally just like she would have