Round The Way Girl [BOOK 1]

Round The Way Girl [BOOK 1]

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Sonia By AimlessThoughts Completed

Chresanto August is 23 years and is CEO of one of the biggest companies in America. 
He's all about his work and business. He doesn't have time for anything else. When he comes across a business deal that could take him to a new level of wealth, he jumps at the chance. But when his motives are put into question, he makes a rash decision.

Akira Washington is 21 years old and just trying to make it by. She's been moving around all her life and is now out on her own. She goes to stay with her older sister Joy in New York City.  Akira takes a job as a part time house-keeper, but is pulled into more then she ever dreamed of.

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    Shiiiit watch how I act. He'll even think we really were engaged
    I low key feel the same way. I have money to make. What's a love? 😭
    Karri_x3 Karri_x3 Jul 30, 2016
    Okay so like I've read this book before off of quotev and I would like to say it's amazinggg like one of the best books I've read
    Regenexx Regenexx Jun 19, 2016
    She ain't had to say all that, even thought it may be true. What if his first love died or did him wrong like in other books and now he can't love women?
    itss_alexia itss_alexia Jun 30, 2016
    Well excuse tf outta me I thought this was business like damn she ain't gotta flame him like that
    LaShaeR LaShaeR Jul 26, 2016
    Third time reading this book and I fall in love with it every time 😊