Protecting A Druid [TEEN WOLF]

Protecting A Druid [TEEN WOLF]

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WeirdAFfangirl By glader0 Updated Feb 22


The night Stiles gets kicked out of the pack, his life changes forever. He finds out a shocking secret about his family, and later on joins Zaj's pack. When two years later he returns, the Hale-McCall pack is surprised.
When new threats arrive in Beacon Hills, will he team up with Scott's pack or will he fight alone?

And Derek has been feeling... weird... when he's around Stiles.


After the Vampire fiasco, everything is slowly going back to normal in Beacon Hills. People aren't afraid to go outside anymore and no supernatural serial killers on the loose.

Stiles and Lydia now are determined to reunite Zaj with his pack, and are figuring out the spell. But not everything goes as planned, which is always the case in Beacon Hills. 

They didn't really plan on Peter pissing off these witches anyway. And pissed off witches are not something you want to see

IDoNotDoSports IDoNotDoSports Aug 10, 2016
*shakes hands in the air in a jazz style* we got a badass ove here. *whacks Scoot with a magazine* YOU *hits him again* LIL *hits him again* SH*T!
SeaMartinez6 SeaMartinez6 Oct 31, 2016
Derek stalker
                              I'm not sure what to think about this.
                              mmmm... BEAUTY
flatbuttzay1 flatbuttzay1 Oct 20, 2016
Did this just turn into a stalker book
                              *walk discreetly to the phone*
                              Derek, get off his bed *says slowly*
                              *calls 000 (I'm in Australia so the emergency service number is 000)*
glader0 glader0 Aug 17, 2016
Awwww thank you! And I made Stiles leave it behind bc he has a bit of hope that at least 1 person will go looking for him. And thank you for reading the story, that means a lot!  😍😍
AnnaIbrahim5000 AnnaIbrahim5000 Sep 24, 2016
Ahah *awkward laugh* okay *reaches for phone* I'll jus- *dials 911*