Black Butler x Reader (Vampire Royalty)

Black Butler x Reader (Vampire Royalty)

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Dani By DogeMaster05 Updated Feb 28

You were born in a 'Royal' vampire family, getting pressured by absolutely everyone to become the next queen. A certain someone called 'Jim Macken' (at least that's what you remember) somehow changed your life into something opposite of who you were.

Now, You chose your own path. You now work for Ciel Phantomhive as the upper class knight. Little does he know that you were raised as a royal child and trained to swing the sword to fight against humans.

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The reader is kind of Dandere because of what happened to her in the past.
Heyyyyyyyy ^-^
This is my first ever story on wattpad. I'm not exactly great at writing a story(-_-', but my grammar is pretty good.
(I thought of this story while watching kuroshitsuji 2 so I hope you like?)
also the picture doesn't belong to me, I just found it on pinterest.

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Am I the only one who thought it would be something different?
park_jimochi park_jimochi Sep 24, 2017
He reminds me of me
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-snoep- -snoep- Apr 11
(Y/N) walks in the Kitchen and sees Sebastian. He looks (Y/N) in the eyes and holds his Hand out saying "i want more Love"
GeminiGosiengfiao GeminiGosiengfiao Sep 18, 2017
                              (Y/N) GIVING SEBASTIAN A PENNY
Janelleirv Janelleirv Jan 08
How could someone ever find the comment above offensive although now that I am writing this I sympathize with those who are going through ruff times but please do not take it out on others 
                              Idk I just wanted to write this
Chookie-Ah Chookie-Ah Feb 13
I read this in a Kanna voice...and it sounds like (Y/N) is a loli...